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N.O.H.A. is characterized by energy-loaded grooves and its open-genre mixture of drum & bass and world music in a sound we like to call “Ethno-Bass”.

With several studio albums and years of touring experience under their belts, Noise of Human Art knows how to rock the party. Hits like Balkan Hot Step, Dinero, Tu Café and many others have brought the band to some of the biggest international festival stages.

When on stage, N.O.H.A. stands out as a living, breathing force of nature. The band radiates highly infectious positive energy flowing from the stage to the crowd, to which any audience at any number of festivals this year alone can attest.


- N.O.H.A. latest music video " PATATA PUTA"

- N.O.H.A. music video “DINERO”:   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wwy1k3HzEkY&sns=fb

- N.O.H.A.´s most famous hit: Tu Cafe   http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xi20Si3jRIo   

- N.O.H.A. live show and tour highlights video

- Global NIKE shox campaign; music by N.O.H.A. : http://youtu.be/1TxivBXgwmQ


 N.O.H.A. is:

Chevalier “MC Chevy” Hadley (New York, USA)

“the soul” - Project’s co-founder and lyricist; an integral part of N.O.H.A. imparting his charisma, voice, living power and energy to the project.

Kaia Brown (Washington, D.C., USA)

“the voice” - Singer, writer, traveler; globetrotter inspired by cultures from all over the world. Kaia connected immediately with the energy and vitality of the band and captivates audiences by bringing her dynamic, sultry, rock-infused soul style into the Noise Of Human Art mix.

Philip Noha (Prague, CZ)

“the head” - founder of the project; composer, producer and saxophonist setting the course throughout the entire existence of N.O.H.A.
It was his composition and production of songs like Balkan Hot Step, Dinero and Tu Café which elevated N.O.H.A. to its current level.



Jaroslav “Jatrabass” Kovarik (Hradec Králové, CZ)

“the liver” – bass guitar and wobble bass. Like his equivalent in the human body, Játra also filters the elements needed for the band’s musical blood flowing through the system.
Precision and excellent coordination with the drum-kit create the band’s extraordinary rhythm section and a live drum and bass experience like no other.



Thom Herian (Prague, CZ)

Sensational Czech drummer and the band's beating “heart.” Only a few drum-kit players in the world play live drum and bass like Thom.
His performance behind the drums is unique, visceral and definitely one to watch.

Felipe Machado (Floripa, BRA)

“the senses” – guitarist and the band’s newest member; Felipe registers all the impulses of the N.O.H.A. style and amplifies and elevates them with his sound and intensity.


DJ Fefe (Usti nad Labem, CZ)

With the N.O.H.A. sound on the turntables, DJ Fefe brings "the hype" to every living soul on the dance floor.


Guido Lahrmann (Dusseldorf, DE) / Zbynek Válka (Brno, CZ)

“the ears” behind the mixing desk, working in tandem with the band, producing live effects and assisting in creating a unique and powerful live sound.


N.O.H.A. Discography:

1997 – N.O.H.A. Noise of Human Art (Motor Music)
2001 – N.O.H.A. No Slack (WEA)
2003 – N.O.H.A. Next Plateau (Unique Records)
2006 – N.O.H.A. Dive in Your Life (Unique Records)
2010 – N.O.H.A. Respect the Menu (N.O.H.A. Records)
2013 – N.O.H.A. Circus Underground (N.O.H.A. Records)
2019 – N.O.H.A. Process of Living (Dasha records)

N.O.H.A. History:

1995 - Deal with Metronome records; “Who Knows” video, shot in Prague
1996/97 - Deal with Motor Music; Debut album, Noise of Human Art; 2nd single “Start” (Remix by Optical)
1997 – “Start” hits #1 on the DCC (German Club Charts); video for “Start” shot in London
1998 - 3rd single “Time and Vision” (Remix by Matrix-UK); “Time and Vision” #4 in the DCC
2000 - Deal with WEA and Unique records.
2001 – “Reflex the Move” video on rotation in MTV Europe; 2nd Album No Slack - Rolling Stone magazine compilation
2002 – Unique Records compilation, Unique Club Culture 2 includes “Peking Express,” taken from the new album
2002-2003 – Third album – Next Plateau
2003 – 1st single from the new album “Balkan Hot Step” #10 in DCC; played by Gilles Peterson (BBS Radio 1 -London ). “Balkan Hot Step” #1 on the Boris Dlugosh top 10 list
2004 - 2st single of the new album, “Do You Know” #2 in DCC; video on rotation in ONYX , MTV, Fast Forward; “Balkan Hot-Step” featured in the international NIKE-SHOX campaign
2005 – track “Chilling” on the BBC 6 UK play list
2006 – Fourth album, Dive in Your Life
2007 – “Tu Café” single and video release; video has received 9,426,743 views on Youtube to date
2010 – Fourth album, Respect the Menu – N.O.H.A. RECORDS
2011 – N.O.H.A. Die in the Process ( N.O.H.A. Records/ 203 Records)
2012-13 – N.O.H.A. Circus Underground ( N.O.H.A. Records)
2014-2018 - “Dinero,” “Speechless,” “Sierra Digital” and “Patata Puta” music videos released

N.O.H.A – Live Concert Highlights:

- Bourges Festival in France
- Alter Wartesaal with Grooverider, Armand van Helden and Goldie
- Stahlwerk with Stereolab and Mouse on Mars.
- Jump Into the Tunes (CH) with Goldie, J. Majik and Peshay
- RTL Saturday Night Show
- Club tour with Blue Note(London), DJ Malachi (Herbalizer)
- DJ Tour with Andy Smith (Portishead)
- Bizarre Festival (D)
- PopKomm 2001 Alter Wartesaal (D)
- Rolling Stone Roadshow (D)
- Rock am See (D)
- Subtropic Festival - Batumi (Georgia)
-Juicy Beats Festival (D)
- Pop Komm 2004-Palast der Republik - Berlin (D)
- Electronic Beats Festival Prague (supporting Prodigy)
- Roots Festival – Amsterdam (NL)
- Exit Festival – Novi Sad (Serbia)
- Espantapitas Festival, Vera, Almeria (Spain)
- TERNO VILNA-Festival Vilnius (Lithuania)
- Funkhaus Europa-Festival (D)
- Romanian MTV Music Awards IASI -RO
- Ibiza-SAN AGUSTIN( Spain)
- Millau Vibram Natural Games (FR) ,
- Colours Of Ostrava
- Prague Lucerna Music Bar
- Russia, Wild Mint Festival ( with Sinead o´Connor )
- Green Pardon Budapest
- Pohoda Festival -SK
- Alrumbo Festival – Spain


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